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My Approach

I sincerely believe you are the expert in what feels right and true to yourself.

My role, as I see it, is to be by your side as you examine parts of yourself that are painful or difficult to face alone. I shine a warm light—respectfully and at your pace—on experiences, emotions, and beliefs that have yet to be examined. I seek to deepen understanding of emotional and relational pain, and to expand upon sources of strength, expression, connection, and beauty.

Listening to how my clients express themselves gives me insight into their internal world, and I enjoy bringing safety and continuity to the space we share. I focus on presence and flow while simultaneously knitting the present to past context and future possibility. I value the capacity to hold multiple realities and perspectives, and to integrate process and content with compassion and empathy.

My deep desire is to accompany my clients as they cultivate an internal and external sense of home. I enjoy bringing light to the forces that constrict people’s authentic selves. With self-knowledge comes the opportunity for autonomy and choice. With self-knowledge—cognitive, emotional, somatic, contextual—comes a rootedness that allows for courage and vulnerability in creativity, expression, intimacy, and belonging.

My approach is integrative, collaborative, and psychodynamic, and is influenced by mindfulness and attachment theory, emotional focusing, and somatic awareness. As the daughter of Japanese and Korean immigrants, I am keenly aware of identity, racial or ethnic, and immigration or generational issues; and as a former musician, I have extensive experience with issues around creativity, self-expression, and performance.

Whatever the areas of growth you bring to the therapeutic space, my priority is to hold an empathic, non-judgmental, inclusive space in which you feel safe and deeply seen.

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