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About Me

I was born and raised in Los Angeles. My mother was a Japanese immigrant and my father was a South Korean immigrant who grew up during the Japanese occupation. I received a B.A. in English and American Literature from Harvard University and studied Violin Performance at Indiana University, Bloomington.

For many years I was a professional violinist in New York City, and became a full-time violin teacher in Berkeley after experiencing hearing loss. I found a therapist with whom I connected, and who provided a supportive space to explore, to question old ways of being that were no longer serving me, and to find my voice as well as the courage to use it.

I was inspired by that work and earned a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology at The Wright Institute. In both my personal therapy and in the work I do with my clients, I've found richness in the therapeutic space. While it is a space that requires courage, it can also be a space of curiosity, possibility, and creation.


I have been practicing vipassana meditation for over 20 years and, on the lighter side, I enjoy making a mess in the kitchen, doing yoga and taking lazy walks, swimming, traveling and eating, watching sports, and spending time with my husband and our cat, Frankie Jelly Donut.

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